Thursday, May 01, 2003

Okay. . .this is posted after the fact. Mucho apologies, for which I may wax anecdotal later.

Stellascope # 33

The next lunation will occur at 10 degrees and change of Taurus, at 8:15 am EDT on Maydaymaydaymaydaymayday.

The occurrence of this New Moon will have just passed a square to a flaky Mars in Aquarius, and a gregarious Jupiter in Leo. It will be approaching both a square to spacey Neptune in Aquarius and an opposition to overly possessive Juno in Scorpio. So have a flaky, gregarious, spacey, and overly possessive day. Kidding.

If you consider the feminine asteroids to be significant, then this lunation will form a grand fixed square. These asteroids are astral objects that don’t quite qualify as planets and which some believe to have once been a planet that we already trashed. The fourth largest of these are believed by some to represent four aspects of femininity. Those would be. . . mother, wife, sister, and daughter. . .not necessarily in that order. They occupy an orbital sphere between Mars and Jupiter. See myth of Hera (archetypal wife) for reference.

If you don’t accept the aforementioned theories, then at the very least the lunar configuration will form a T square. That represents a three-legged chair. One could either devise a complicated pulley system to maintain one’s balance or try gravity boots. As always, astral projection is strongly recommended for those who are inherently gravitationally challenged.

But seriously, the New Moon in Taurus is the most fertile lunation of the year so if you’re not courting visions of "living in a shoe" then please take the necessary precautions and be wary of the plethora of all the flying pheromones.

With Venus in Aries until May 16th consider that relationships may not be just about instant self-gratification only. Venus will trine Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius, so that might be tough simply because self-righteousness is at an all time obnoxious high. See our foreign policy for reference.

Oh by the way, as soon as Uranus entered Pisces . . .the sign of health care, amongst many other things . . .SARS emerged. Though the first case is now recognized to have occurred much earlier.

Also it is the Uranus return of the somewhat arbitrary dismantling of the Ottoman Empire in 1919 by the Brits, which just happened to have created Iraq along with a holy host of rivalries in that hotbed of ancient hatreds (aka sandbox).

And does anyone really wonder why the 101st Airborne was observed to be on the ground in tanks? Every time I heard that I expect them to sprout wings and take flight. A flying tank? Funny image.

Quotation of the lunation: as Saturn rumbles over the last degrees of Gemini. . . "There is a rather large dark cloud hovering over the (sunset) of rationalism (in this country)."