Monday, December 10, 2007

Please excuse the primitive nature of this sleepy and long neglected blog.

I hope to make it far better someday.
Okay I've not done what I intended to do last April. Mea Culpa.

Have been posting altogether elsewhere.

But I'm putting my most recent piece up as well as something from a couple of years ago.

a "lively experiment" for 12/11. . .

I’m sending this out and posting it in hopes of encouraging maximum participation in a "lively experiment" on December 11th at 7:26 pm Greenwich Mean Time (2:26 pm EST). Consider this to be clarion call for enlightenment of our collective consciousness.

I deeply feel that our current global conundrum cannot be remedied by conventionally traditional or linear means exclusively.

Einstein once said something like‚ ” The problems that face us cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. What we need is a shift in consciousness.” (on edit-an atheist gave me droves of grief for paraphrasing that particular quotation. Einstein had said "thinking" instead of "consciousness." Yet from my perspective, thinking and consciousness are very much interwoven. So there.)

If you've not the time or inclination to read the historical, astrological, or background information, then consider simply scrolling down to about halfway down the post for the gently suggested affirmation. If you have labeled yourself or been labeled with the onus of ADHD then consider scrolling down about two thirds of the post and just read the paragraph that begins and ends with three asterisks.

I will be sending a far briefer and more succinct version of this out closer to the event believe it or not. Ultimately it will just focus on the timing and the three gently suggested techniques for the aspect.

There will be a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on December 11th this year. That is also quite curiously, the most somber 7th anniversary of when Bush v. Gore was woefully argued before the Supreme Court.

Though the conjunction happens at least once every 12 to 13 years or so, this one is unique because it will occur at the approximate midpoint of the Galactic Center and the Solar Apex, (aka the Solstice Point).

That particular conjunction has not occurred near that precise degree since the year 1023. The previous time before then was 39 AD.

Prior to this past year, Pluto was last at that degree during the time of the pamphleteers in pre-Revolutionary Colonial times.

There are also interesting corollaries between the degree upon which this conjunction will occur with the charts for the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence, and the progressed chart for The Articles of Confederation.

The Comet Holmes will be passing near the fixed star Algol around that date as well.

This is an amazingly auspicious, promising, and powerful occurrence, during which I intend to encourage as many true souls as possible to focus their hearts and their minds on healing our planet through a massive synchronous group affirmation, a visualization, and some really simple geomancing. All that is required of those who are guided to participate is a moment or two. Some may be guided to sustain their focus for a longer span of time with any rituals they feel are restorative for themselves and by extension, for our planetary whole.

I’ve been gently encouraging spiritualists as well as uber intellectual “brainiacs” to employ both hemispheres of their illustrious crania through prayers, visualizations, and affirmations for a while now, with some interesting, though ultimately immeasurable results. Still my guidance assures me that it DOES help incrementally, and will likely do so even more so under this aspect.

In all the wisdom of the founders’ decision to separate church and state, what is sorely lacking in our leadership and with too many in our culture is any genuine spirituality or even basic humanism.

“The sickness of our culture could be rooted in that sad fact that we have collectively severed our direct contact with spirit.”*

Ever since I read some possibly spurious speculation by astrophysicists in a pseudo scientific journal many, moons ago, that the primary chemical component at the center of the galaxy may indeed be NO2: laughing gas, I decided that “humor is my religion.”

I’ve also referred to the primary creative force as “the Creatrix” because it’s generally presumed to be non gender specific, is playful, and not at all associated with any onerously antiquated guilt-ridden fear based dogma whatsoever.

Anyone can access this spiritual source if only they can only laugh and inspire laughter in others. I've often thought that if we all just learned a good joke in every language, we could arrive finally at a place of a lasting world peace.

Here are some gentle suggestions for consideration for jump starting one's connection to the invisible realms on December 11th at the time of this auspicious aspect. . .

Here is a collective affirmation. . .

“Invoking great redemptive energy and calling upon the essence of the fire, the earth, the air, the water (you can even add ether if you do so desire), and calling upon the forces of universal love, we are creating with spirit, great planetary mendings, manifesting in each, and all of our lives.

We are creating with spirit, a collective evolutionary leap in consciousness, conscientiousness, and clarity.

We are creating with spirit, that all those who are open to it, experience a paradigm shift in their awareness, gain greater enlightenment and discernment in their perceptions.

We are creating with spirit, that we are becoming far more reverential to our world.

We are creating with spirit, that many develop clearer access to their inherent strength and wisdom in their spirits and souls to effect progressive change, and responsible stewardship of our planet.

"We are releasing the collective systems, restrictions, and blockages, that have kept us largely in a state of unconsciousness."

We are creating with spirit, the manifestation of leadership representative of the many rather than the few.

We are creating with spirit, greater harmony, tolerance, expressions of true compassion and kindness.

We are creating with spirit, honesty and integrity in our media.

We are creating with spirit, the widespread manifestation of a spiritual humanism that transcends all dogma, and increased collective mindfulness of the interconnectedness and unity of our global human family.

We are creating with spirit, celebration of more authentic lives reflective of our highest principles and potentials.

We are affirming with spirit that there is far more that is shared within the human family than that which divides whilst simultaneously, celebrating our wondrous diversity.

***We are creating with spirit, that deceit be eclipsed by truth, that corruption be eclipsed by true justice, "that tyranny be eclipsed by freedom,"** that bigotry be eclipsed by understanding, that bellicosity be eclipsed by diplomacy, that militarism be eclipsed by environmentalism, that terrorism be eclipsed by humanism, that greed be eclipsed by generosity, that righteousness be eclipsed by kindness, that war be eclipsed by peace, and that fear and hatred be eclipsed by universal love,***

We are creating with spirit, a sea change in the seemingly ever widening divide that separates those who have and those who have not will become increasingly narrowed and equalized through a wave of generosity bathing our sphere.

We are centering and purifying our wills aligning them with our highest potentials

We are embodying greater equality, justice, and balance for all.

We are creating with spirit, a lasting peace on earth.”

An addendum for those who are more politically oriented. . .

“We are creating with spirit, restoration of the following: the rule of law, habeas corpus, our civil liberties, the fairness doctrine, the 1st & 4th amendments, transparency, verifiability, and accountability in our elections and in our governance, truly representative leadership, and checks and balances.”

Though it transcends logic, many in the spiritual community feel that if enough people focus on a shared intent simultaneously, we will experience global ameliorations very quickly.

After experiencing an epiphany of sorts during the International Global Peace Meditation on October 29th, 2005 at my friendly neighborhood local power spot, I crafted a piece called "19 Tricks, or Weapons of Massive Creation for Global Amelioration" which I sent far and wide. Of those 19 tricks, three that are relevantly applicable to this upcoming event. I’m gently recommending them for the 11th as well.

2. Visualize the planet bathed in a regal violet-purple light at least momentarily once daily.

(Violet-"Purple rain, purple""reign". . . : )

Violet-purple rays of transmutational light will gently wake up several sleeping souls and solve problems, ages old in many places, and will ameliorate even circumstances most dire. Focusing on regions most conflicted (D.C., the MidEast, Iraq. the Gulf Coast, and the entire continent of Africa, etc.),will help as well.

(For those of earthier orientations who unlike many spiritualists, don't necessarily resonate with the violet-purple vibration, another alternative suggested by a differing source would be to project a vibrant green around the globe. That color will most likely hasten the healing of our woefully damaged ecosystems and many sad and broken hearts as well. )

“4. Figuring eight whenever you sense imbalances, and/or once daily for just a minute or two. Here's how one can do that:

"Nearly twenty years ago I was guided on Mount Hollywood to raise my hands over my head and envision my spiritual source whilst standing. In a similar manner, I have also drawn down specific planetary and solar and lunar energies at various times, as well. I visualize energy descending through my left arm and crossing over to the right side of my body between the nape of my neck (where central nervous system wiring switches over from one side to the other) and my heart chakra. Then the energy goes down through my right side and through my right leg down to the center of the earth where it merges miraculously with Gaia, and then loops back up returning to earth's surface then travels up my left leg up the left side of my body crossing over to right side. Again it passes between my heart chakra, and the nape of my neck, and then goes out my right arm returning to my spiritual source.

Over time and with a modicum of practice, it scarcely takes a nanosecond to enact, but has greater effect if simply sustained for a moment or two. Energetically it balances higher and lower energies. It can be useful for many who feel disconnected, stressed, or concerned about the apparent extreme imbalances between potential and form, of which Gaia appears to be processing and releasing now at an unprecedented rate.
Whenever in doubt, maybe go figure 8.

In my heart and soul, I know that if enough true souls practice this when spirit moves them to do so, many of the the severe earth changes and extreme weather conditions, and their awful, and most harrowing repercussions that have occurred, and are still expected over the next few years, will be mollified, and conditions of suffering and hardship on the planet will be ameliorated more expediently, and far more gently than they would be otherwise if a plethora of true souls would not do so.

It's as simple as that run on sentence suggests.”

11. For a while, consider doing far better for others than you would ever dream of them doing for you in a million years.

Here are two links to sources that inspired me to promote this concept.



Just because I quoted 3 of the tricks above. I'll also post the preamble, with a couple time sensitive revisions, to those "19 tricks or Weapons of Massive Creation for Global Amelioration" which was crafted two years ago as inspired in part, by my now imaginary "sparkled and feathered, angelic & cosmic sledge hammer."

"As honest Abe once quilled so succinctly. . .

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall
ourselves, and then we shall save our country."

I rather presumptuously further amend , . . . "and surely, our planet in it's entirety."

On October 29th, 2005, just moments before the global peace meditation, I had fully intended to meditate in my most humble yurt. When the energy of a larger than life loving being of whom preciously few are aware, suddenly swooped into my consciousness, guiding me ever so playfully, to go down to my friendly neighborhood local power spot.

I joked at the time that the entity was pulling my hair to get my attention to do so. Though larger than life loving beings, do not really behave in that manner. They sometimes pretend to do so, and seem to enjoy it enormously.

You see, I live luckily, in a beauteous but sleepy little seaside berg in South Coastal New England.

Wild goose parties often occur here, in seeming perpetuity in the winter, in fields, over which at other times, they truly soar in stunningly perfect, V shaped formations. Being ever mindful, of how to take turns.

They fly with the one in the lead demurring in astonishingly graceful and humble synchronicity, as though perhaps divinely choreographed. It is a marvelous reminder of a group mind capable of soaring as one.

"Goose parties have always made me verrry happy," and will more than likely, always do so. . The cacophony of their squawking in the fields perhaps negotiating flight patterns, will always crack me up. It's so-o-o nice to be "easily amused."

At the end of the southernmost tip of the peninsula upon which I live, is a longish wall, which is bordered by a vast array of smallish stones. To the east, there are lots of rose hips that grow, some wild black raspberry bushes are secretly interspersed. Beyond those, field grass at times flourishes. Sometimes, cows graze idly on the Eastern side of a fence. A few more larger rocks are towards the west by the shore. They rest in far greater permanence. Then further south, there is lots and lots of sand. There is a gentle precipice, that rises quietly, to the East towards the end. Though at the verry end, always and ineffably, is a sandbar.

The access to this place might appear to be intermittent as it is awash twice daily at high tide. Though one always has option to immerse their feet or sometimes even venture to walk on water if so inclined. There are small islands smattered around the sandbar, not far offshore. There is also a lighthouse that at times, gleams with an almost blinding brilliance to the west. It is one of those wondrously panoramic places though the vibrations there are unique, or so they seem to be to me.

For many years, I've referred to this place as "the end of the world" though I have done so implying full transcendence, which is diametrically opposed to the more fearful visions of apocalypse to which others most sadly, still cling.

Having tripped over more than a couple more notorious power spots or two in my time during my innumerable wanderings and forays, this is unequivocally a place of equal though far different intensity.

It is a place of peace.

To my sometimes limited knowledge, "the end of the world", has seen no intentional bloodshed over the course of time. It certainly feels as such anyway.

Sporadically over the past 2 decades, when certain energies have abounded, I have gone to this power spot and done various kinds of geomancing.

When I arrived at the power spot, on that particular Saturday at midday, as I had oh so many times before, the energies were overwhelmingly verrry different. It was as though I had most unwittingly ambled through a vortex
into the future.

With the "Creatrix" as my witness, I swear that in all my myriad of memories of lives on this sphere, never have I ever felt so much transcendent unconditional love, peace, or blissfully expansive tranquility.

I also will swear, on a towering stack of ephemerides that this energy is heading towards a theater near you, then an even more palpable reality, accessible to ALL, and will be available in the not too distant future.

The peace I felt on that Saturday though, was clearly of the future. It was global and even further, felt virtually by extension, totally universal.

There was a far scarcer veil separating potential and form. It fleetingly felt as though no souls were suffering anywhere on this whole entire sphere any longer. The energy was absolutely magically charged.

I was delightedly "shocked and awed" by this all so-o-o inspiring experience. Thanks largely to the many true souls who were selflessly focusing on peace in the world in those moments.

I was humbled into glorious wonderment and total amazement. Of which, I am now obliged, and somewhat dauntingly compelled, though genuinely thrilled and honored to share.

Gaia then thanked me in advance for writing this, and other more humorous things as well. Never have I ever felt such a enormous embrace from her or ever, ever, ever, felt so deeply affirmed.

As many others have concurred, despite our oh so woeful current collective reality, within now just under seven years, ALL will have opportunity to feel mostly as I felt on that preciously wondrous day. With the participation of more true souls it could verrry well happen much sooner.

Healing and redemption of the planet and most of those who dwell here has been preordained for quite some time now. Yet, oh what a purge we've had to endure over recent years.

However, guidance emphatically suggests if more true souls ("you will know them by their humors" ), participate actively in the mendings the more gentle the transition will be from where we are now to where we will be.

Participation in mendings requires, at present, and for a while, only 19 tricks and preciously few onerous constraints for true souls:

According to my curiously acquired sparkled and feathered "angelic and cosmic sledgehammer" these are "19 tricks or Weapons of Massive Reintegration for Global Amelioration."

I'll do a revision of the other tricks sooner rather than later. Honestly I will not flake this time.

Here they are. . .

"1. Consider living creatively. "with mercy for all and malice towards none."

2. (is posted above )

3. Inspire as many smiles as is possible in each and every day by cracking as many uplifting jokes as often as is possible
especially with strangers. Uplifting jokes are opposed to those that are mean spirited and denigrating (see a certain "fearful
leader"'s so-called sense of humor for reference.) You see, the best humor is never intended to be at the expense of others
though sometimes and more funnily seems to be at expense of self. Humor may be the tonic for these times and is may just
be orientation that unifies us all regardless of our religious orientations. Some astrophysicists have suggested the the
primary chemical component at the very center of the universe is NO2 (aka laughing gas.)

4.(it's posted above)

5. Honor and be kind to your true self, not just the mask of your little self, and don't be at all spooked by or react to scary
masks of others who are not quite aware as yet.

6. Consider cultivating more patience in perpetuity whilst adjusting and responding swiftly to all peripeteia.

7. Recognize one's own genuine auric field to be both selectively permeable and fully operational. See one's own physical
embodiment as an ever morphing "evolvehicle"

8. Recognize also and honor inherent sacred nature of sexuality in all.
Really consider avoiding porn like the plague as it only empowers
sleaze buckets and disempowers oneself. Use wild imaginings and
maybe perhaps make more love instead. That is, if someone both willing
and suitable is within reasonable proximity or if a teleportation device
is accessible and nearby.

9. Oh, I remember from many years ago, another old, though still very
effective trick. . .When one is by a body of water larger than a puddle,
one can snag a dark stone, and cradle it in one's hands. One can
mentally project all that they feel upset or unsure about upon the rock.
All resulting anger and frustration and assorted angst can be released.
The rock can handle it. I assure you. One's hands may shake
uncontrollably depending on one's level of angst. Then one throws the
dark stone in the water, and forgives the stone as the stone hits the
surface of water. Then one finds white or very light stone. One
projects upon that stone all that one is grateful for and loves. One's
hands may shake again depending on breadth of appreciation of blessings
in one's life. One tosses that in water and rejoices when the stone
hits surface of water.

"Prayers of gratitude are those which are most powerful."

Due to the dualistic nature of this old trick, I'm deeply compelled to
amend this as well.

If you can find amethyst or any other purple stone (fluorite, sugilite,
chaorite) or even something more commonplace, do the same with that
stone, this time praying and projecting desire to neutralize dualism on
our planet (betchya all of your hands will shake.) And when the stone
hits surface of the water, figure 8* or laugh, or dance, or start
celebrating in any old way your now happier heart desires.

10."Every time you hear stuff from media that makes your BS detector go
ballistic, consider saying aloud "I co-create with spirit that the
truth be revealed ASAP" and blast violet-purple transmuting light
onto the nearby screen or speaker." Enough with the "catapult(ed)
propaganda" and "oligarchical hypnogogery" ya know?

Hey, if our fear mongering leader can make up words, then so can I, and
you can too. Let's get really creative and pester the disingenuous media
relentlessly. That is only if you've the time and inclination to do so.

11.(is posted above as well)

12. I stole this one from now rumored to be reincarnated, though used to
be, old "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce.

Take baths. If you have no bathtub available, then bathe around. Aaaand
don't tell me that you have no extra time for baths, as baths take about
15 minutes, showers take 5-10. No one is really that busy or all too
important to not be able to do so.

Cayce recommended adding 1 part baking soda to 2 parts Epsom Salts
for baths. That stuff is really cheap. and readily available. I add
my fave oil (lavender). You can add yours. Ritual full immersion is
an age old, time & tried tradition for more than just physical
purification. It is especially so for more sensitive sorts. It is great
to do during lunations. That would mean, once every two weeks or so.
It is alleged to release all sorts of accumulated psychic effluvia
from bodies and auric fields . I just know that when I take one, I
invariably feel reborn, and am reminded that I too have a life, instead
of contemplating the troubles of others all the time as is my
ridiculously inherent proclivity.

Addendum from ccpup's grammy: dunk under at least three times.

14. Be more collaborative, and only compete with your own self's highest
potential and never that of others.

15. This one is from text composed shortly after 9/11. Ya know how alleged
terrorists had "sleeper cells?" Declare you and your friends and
perhaps your families to be "waking cells" and incessantly expand your
horizons, philosophies, and all inspired creative influence.

17. OMG, I just remembered yet another wondrous trick, this one is from a
lady visionary activist who is most inspiring.
Whenever a dynamic with another breaks down and reaches an impasse, sit
down and write them a letter, and don't hold back anything you feel.
Then read the letter aloud, then burn it. As ever, be cautious with
fire. I employ the use of pliers and a cast iron skillet when I do
this. Then release the ashes into moving water. It's nice to do in
nature, but a sink or toilet will do just as well. This is how one
sends another a spiritual fax. It is great magic as it moves the
restrictions in the dynamic through all of the four elements and
purifies the emotions and sends a great healing to both you and the
higher self of the person with whom one is hassled. It works.

18.This trick is a prayer which I finally got around to typing around the
25th anniversary of John Lennon's passing, though I'd been saying it
for well over a decade and a half. Only I, would finally get around to
typing up a prayer which I've been saying pretty much daily for all that
time, and then later, have to make three corrections, five amendments,
and four edits. Sheesh.

Here is the prayer. . .

"Calling upon the essence of the fire, the air, the earth, the water (you
can even add ether if you do so desire). . .and calling upon the forces of
all of creation, in expression of, and with reverence for, universal love,
and truly spiritual and lasting mendings in each, and all of our lives, I
ask for guidance, wisdom, insight, humility, clarity, compassion, and
"humour," on this day and night, and from each and every day and night to
come. I give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon my life and ask
for assistance in becoming a far better steward of those many blessings."

The following excerpt will eventually be honed into the 19th trick:

". . .As to one of the many Biblical misinterpretations, one has inspired
those who have wildly projected ill will onto those of the most gentle,
alternative and various intuitive healing arts, based solely on the "beware
soothe sayers of Babylon" quotation. . .

It perhaps merely applied, to some really low life readers in Babylon at
that particular juncture in time. That is one of the oh so many distortions
and omissions within the King James edition of the Bible.

Get this. . . For the verrry same reason that a waitperson can be
wonderfully charming with a party at one table, and a "bitch on wheels" with
another, no reader can read everyone. It has to do with interpersonal
dynamics and synastry. Yet there truly are charlatans in every field. I
can easily totally attune to a whole bunch of folks, though be somewhat
blocked, with one of their best friends for a myriad of reasons. So they
don't get charged and receive a referral.

That aforementioned Biblical quotation could be possibly upgraded to
"Beware, also of those old school "curse ladies" who tell everyone they see
that "(they) have a curse on (them,) which will require thousands of dollars
to remedy, because only (the curse ladies) are capable of burning really
pricey candles for (them) "

So sweet and struggling though somewhat naive souls, walk around for years,
assuming they have an affliction upon them, which they can't afford to
remedy. That is, of course, until they run into me or those of similar more
scrupulous orientations. : )

I've repetitively said to those sorts of folks for decades, "Look, we are
all blessed and cursed from birth, as all are born into circumstances in
ways both advantageous, and disadvantageous. You can do far more about
rectifying your circumstances through redemptive action than those
exorbitant curse ladies, and their
pricey candles, could ever do." I really don't know how those women do in
fact, sleep at night. Though I did hear of one who had three separate house
fires in a relatively short amount of time. Gee I wonder why that
happened. . .? Guess those pricey candles can get out of control or

I am blessed with really adorable funny and verrry talented friends, One
( ) was even told by a curse lady,"your
aura is dark and darkening rapidly, and soon not even God will be able to
help you." "Zoinks, Scooby" one of my favorite friends thought. She and I
laughed hysterically over that one, as the curse lady's malevolent
projection was not true of anyone on this planet, as long as they can still
simply laugh.

My friend's cartoonish response was and is a great illustration which is
really instructive of a really effective way to respond to such shadowy
projections. She instantaneously & momentarily, turned herself into a
cartoon and the venomous projection floated right through her and had no
hook whatsoever. That is a wonderful trick of which to be ever mindful. It
might just have become the 19th trick. Great humor is the best modus
operandi after all. So maybe act more cartoonish and beware of falling
anvils as ever. Or maybe even learn a joke in every language you can to
create greater global harmony and avoid international hassles.

Other excerpts:

. . ."Funny story: I was talking on my stellaphone with lovely friend bella
a while ago. We were talking about how * isolates himself totally from his
general populous and constituents, and I asked her if she had happened to
see the armored limousine in which he rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue after
last year's inauguration. It had so much armor, probably 8-10 inches all
they way around it, that it appeared to look far more like a giant "bowling
ball" than a motor vehicle, but kids still can't get armored vehicles or
adequate body armor in Iraq. It's pathetic really.

The only funny part of it was, instead of saying inauguration, I
accidentally made one of my better verbal slips ever and actually said,
"during the ignore your nation." We both cracked up over my faux pas.
Another "bubble of hilarity" ensued that rivaled again the "God didn't leave
footnotes either," quip from so long ago. "

"Here is a joke my son made a while ago during a car ride. He was on a roll
making up a litany of "mathamagicianical" stupid bar jokes, when I was
trying to instruct him of something which I'll share later . . .but my
personal absolute all time fave of his jokes was and is. . .

"So-o-o. . .this amazingly miraculous energy previously unavailable to
humanity, walks into a bar. The bartender says. . ."woh. . . ?" Everybody
gets enlightened."

The total prankster kid reduced all my recent writing into a stupid bar joke, in
one full swoop. I was laughing so hard that I missed our turn. He had to
remind me of it. Too funny really. Perhaps we need new law: "do not operate
a motor vehicle with silly son cracking stupid bar jokes inside. : ) "

A verry wise graffiti artist wrote near a school down under in "Oz," "the
mind's purpose is to amuse itself with humour."

Also, I finally answered the riddle posed in song, "What's So Funny 'Bout
Peace, Love, & Understanding. . . Wo-o-o-oh. ?". .

Only possible answer in perpetuity is. . . EVERYTHING.



Sunday, April 22, 2007


I was fully intending on posting a bunch of less astrologically oriented stuff from the past four years but then some 'puter programs, a long forgotten password, and uncertainty regarding just how political I wanted this post to become compelled me to delay the whole thing for a while.

The Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction occuring next Sunday will hopefully enable me to overcome this actue consternation.

I'll elucidate on this one later in the week as it's rather HUGE, as is the final Saturn/Neptune opposition that will happen in late June. More later.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wows, I sort of feel like Rip Van Winkle of the blogland. For some really ridiculous reasons I obviously stopped posting here a while ago. I'll post a compendium of stuff written over the past few years shortly. However as you shall see, most of it is not astrologically related.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Okay I haven't posted in eons. I've been obsessively sending out e-mails regarding those nasty and nefarious touch screen voting machines to every pundit, politician, and plutocrat of which I could think.

Still I don't think we'll have free and fair elections without HR 2239 & S1980 passed.

If * gets re-selected I'll eat my ephemeris.

This is the fall of Rome redux. Ughhh

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Okay. Saturn is still squaring my Mercury so I remain a bit tongue-tied and am posting late once again. For some reason all the apostrophies on this post are appearing as question marks. How's that for Merc retro. . .?

To alleviate this rather weighty influence, I lit a stick of Shiva’s Triumph incense. . .in the twilight of the day it’s odiferous, sweet scent sprang forth creating a truly intriguing trail of smoke. At first resembling an incessantly self replicating double helix, which then became housed within a smoky tornado. Then it formed an infinite series of ram’s head, then at last, its trails appeared as if it were a slinky’s shadow. Hmmmmm. Perhaps I should really get a life.

Stellascope # 34

This month’s Full Moon occurs at 11:36 pm EDT on May 15th at 24 degrees of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity. It’s a total lunar eclipse. Eclipses such as these occur twice a year.

Full Moons don’t get heavier than those, which occur, in fixed signs. So take a flying leap into the Ganges or Tigris or Euphrates or Amazon or Mississippi or whatever body of water is most easily accessible and bathe around. Just don’t try the Hudson please. But seriously, ritualistic immersion is a time tried cure all for such oppressive influences and intense polarizations.

Given that the keyword for Taurus is, "I have" and the keyword for Scorpio is, "I desire," indulging in shopoholic behaviours or dumpster diving may satisfy at least momentarily, a cosmically induced rise in the lust quotient. Though I seriously doubt the pending tax cut will even begin to satiate this lust for even a nanosecond for most of us.

Eclipses are traditionally wondrous opportunities for conflict resolution. That would be if and only if, in full accordance with the 1st law of thermal energetics, both parties can cop to mutually shared culpability. This of course is highly improbable with Saturn transiting through the last degrees of Gemini. Saturn has been in Gemini for roughly 2 & 1/2 years. It has had the cumulative result of the dumbing down of the national dialogue. The prevailing lack of intelligence represented by the dualistic trend in what can only be called the collective unconsciousness (i.e. "you’re either with (the administration)or you are a terrorist" sic).

Neptune goes retrograde at 8:50 pm EDT on the 15th as well. The stations of the big outer most planets always create some spaciness but they are great for meditation. Anticipate further foggy representations of the truth from the media and damn it. . . try at least for once to find the G-d within without failing to recognize the G-d within everyone else.

Venus enters Taurus at 6:53 am EDT on May 16th. It that sign, Venus is most happily hedonistic. For best results express gratitude vociferously and create random acts of beauty preferably in legally designated areas.

Mercury thankfully goes direct at 3:33 am EDT on May 20th. Further repercussions of its retrogradation tend to rumble for a while after the station so don’t over schedule yourself or expect immediate clarity of mind, especially during this lunation.

Hopefully after this Saturn square passes, I’ll get my humour back and establish a rhythm of greater frequency to this blog. Till then have a ball.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Okay. . .this is posted after the fact. Mucho apologies, for which I may wax anecdotal later.

Stellascope # 33

The next lunation will occur at 10 degrees and change of Taurus, at 8:15 am EDT on Maydaymaydaymaydaymayday.

The occurrence of this New Moon will have just passed a square to a flaky Mars in Aquarius, and a gregarious Jupiter in Leo. It will be approaching both a square to spacey Neptune in Aquarius and an opposition to overly possessive Juno in Scorpio. So have a flaky, gregarious, spacey, and overly possessive day. Kidding.

If you consider the feminine asteroids to be significant, then this lunation will form a grand fixed square. These asteroids are astral objects that don’t quite qualify as planets and which some believe to have once been a planet that we already trashed. The fourth largest of these are believed by some to represent four aspects of femininity. Those would be. . . mother, wife, sister, and daughter. . .not necessarily in that order. They occupy an orbital sphere between Mars and Jupiter. See myth of Hera (archetypal wife) for reference.

If you don’t accept the aforementioned theories, then at the very least the lunar configuration will form a T square. That represents a three-legged chair. One could either devise a complicated pulley system to maintain one’s balance or try gravity boots. As always, astral projection is strongly recommended for those who are inherently gravitationally challenged.

But seriously, the New Moon in Taurus is the most fertile lunation of the year so if you’re not courting visions of "living in a shoe" then please take the necessary precautions and be wary of the plethora of all the flying pheromones.

With Venus in Aries until May 16th consider that relationships may not be just about instant self-gratification only. Venus will trine Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius, so that might be tough simply because self-righteousness is at an all time obnoxious high. See our foreign policy for reference.

Oh by the way, as soon as Uranus entered Pisces . . .the sign of health care, amongst many other things . . .SARS emerged. Though the first case is now recognized to have occurred much earlier.

Also it is the Uranus return of the somewhat arbitrary dismantling of the Ottoman Empire in 1919 by the Brits, which just happened to have created Iraq along with a holy host of rivalries in that hotbed of ancient hatreds (aka sandbox).

And does anyone really wonder why the 101st Airborne was observed to be on the ground in tanks? Every time I heard that I expect them to sprout wings and take flight. A flying tank? Funny image.

Quotation of the lunation: as Saturn rumbles over the last degrees of Gemini. . . "There is a rather large dark cloud hovering over the (sunset) of rationalism (in this country)."

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Mercury "Retr-oh-grade"

Expect more intractable political posturing as well as serious deficits in listening skills with those with whom you hold nearest and dearest. Mercury (ruling our ability to clearly project and perceive information) is in Taurus, the sign of the baked potato. It’ll be retrograding in that sign from April 26th till May 20th. Till then telepathy is strongly recommended. Otherwise the chance that you’ll ever get your point across is slim to nothing.

Mercury retrograde has been popularized by the mass media (which I’ll never refer to as being even remotely liberal) as an influence that induces catatonia and encourages sloth. That interpretation is at the very least a gross over statement and at most, is often abused as a cosmic rationalization for bad behavior.

Mercury, traveling so closely to the Sun goes retrograde more often than any other planet. It does so for three, three week intervals during each year. That’s roughly 20 % of the time.

Though the term "retrograde motion" does suggest that a planet pulls a celestial U turn, if that were true it would create an unfathomable astrophysical calamity. If you imagine that you are driving on the highway (aka freeway, autobahn, M road, etc) and you pass a car going in the same direction and it appears to go backwards, that phenomenon demonstrates the mechanics of retrograde motion. The Earth simply passes by another planet. Astrologically this seems to internalize planets which typically manifest themselves externally (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) and externalizes the planets which typically manifest themselves internally (Mercury, Venus, and Mars).

Mercury retrograde is great for editing, and organizing paperwork. Just don’t over schedule your self especially if travelling. The whole purpose of it is to deepen one’s thought processes. It can inspire one to change their minds, though this is rare when it's retrograding in a fixed sign such as Taurus.

Anyway it’s not as though most have been even remotely capable of critical thinking since Saturn entered Gemini temporarily in the summer of 2000. This heralded the onslaught of convoluted reality TV and the total absence of objective non-corporate sponsored media that became seemingly permanent in April of 2001. Saturn has been in Gemini since then. It also apparently compelled our current regime to employ the doctrine of concocting facts and repeating them ad nauseum. The most recent fallout from this transit has been the wholesale whitewashing of the war.

Fortuitously, Saturn will finally leave Gemini and enter Cancer on June 4th. Maybe then and then only will the voices of dissent in the former land of the lively discussion be considered as thought provoking as opposed to being vitriolically unpatriotic.

There is another word for cultures that are intolerant of criticism for their leader but it thankfully escapes me right now.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

On Monday, the Moon will be in cranky Capricorn. Aside from that influence, a cheerful sextile between Mars and Venus at 4:50 am EDT at 29 degrees of their respective signs (Capricorn & Pisces), represents a pivotal influence for personal relationships. 29 degrees of any sign is the most critical degree of any sign. For these two signs it speaks to both practical pragmatism and romantic idealism.

As a result, in certain time zones it may be very difficult to get out of bed. In others it is more than likely that you will probably get caught talking to lover on company time. Either way, don’t come to any absolute conclusions about anything because the planets that rule both the source of one’s personal happiness and one’s desire nature are about to shift. In other words you’ll feel differently about everything by days end.

The most unusual influence for this particular day is that both Venus and Mars will change signs within the span of 7&1/2 hours. That is very rare. On this beauteous holiday, I’m not quite up to calculating the stats on just how infrequent it is, but suffice it to say that I can’t recall seeing these ingresses occur on the same day over the span of several decades. But if it did occur, I may have missed it.

Venus enters Aries at 12:18 pm EDT. It’ll remain in that sign until May 16th. Pisces, the sign where Venus has transited since March 26th, is selfless and self-sacrificing. Venus in Aries completely the opposite (a.k.a. self absorbed). It can be very creative as well. This ingress is rarely a graceful transition. Like, you might receive the best foot rub that you’ve received over the course of several lifetimes only to moments later, witness your partner morph into a sports obsessed moron who’d probably be too distracted to take you to the hospital when you’re in the throws of labour.

Mars enters Aquarius at 7:48 pm EDT where it’ll transit until June 16th. Mars in Aquarius varies from waves of incidental and forgivable flakiness to full blown flagrant irresponsibility. The higher vibration of this placement compels one to commit acts of will that benefit the whole. In that regard it can be quite noble. But the enormity of that kind of behaviour and responsibilities implied, more often, are so daunting that it inspires most humans and sub-humans to go. . ."awww screw it". . . thus the flakiness.

Maintaining some degree of independence in relationships will help enormously through the duration of both of these transits. Think. . ."space. . .the final frontier". . .

On Tuesday, the Moon will be void of course in late Capricorn all day. Harmonious aspects between the Moon and Mercury and between the Sun and Uranus in the morning will help in terms of adjustments in relationships from the day before.

I may or may not be blogging on a regular basis during high gardening season in the NE USA, but will definitely come through for major aspects, ingresses, and assorted rants.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Tomorrow. . .as others have pointed out, is the anniversaries of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, more recently the siege of the whacko cult Davidians at Waco, and of the woefully and allegedly retributive bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Despite the ominous nature of these anniversaries, more happily the Moon will trine Jupiter at 10:31 am EDT and it’ll sextile Neptune at 5:59 pm EDT. A harmonious Saturday could actually follow.

The far more foreboding aspect this weekend occurs on Sunday morning at 5:06 am EDT. That would be when the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Although this aspect occurs once a month, it rarely coincides with Easter sunrise services especially after we just happened to have maybe provoked the wrath of most of the Muslim world.

That influence, along with the aspects that follow may create a rather onerous holiday. The Sun will enter Taurus (8:03 am EDT), creating insatiable hunger. Then the Moon will oppose Saturn (1:55 pm EDT), creating unbelievable heartburn. Then the Moon will square Venus (9:02 pm EDT), augmenting sibling rivalries over who Mommie truly loved best. We all know that is a most measurable and resolvable dispute. Finally, the Moon will trine the Sun (11:24 pm EDT) when you will never have been happier to have your head hit the pillow. Sweet dreams. Happy Easter and Pesach.

today. . .Moon is void, "of course" in Scorpio until 8:51 pm EDT when it’ll enter Sagittarius. When the Moon is void (making no major aspects ) in Scorpio usually feels like the Twilight Zone. However it’s making some rather friendly aspects to both Mars and Venus which should make for a pleasant afternoon and evening at least on the personal front.
"i just stumbled across a quotation i used in my autobiographical writing
from ten years ago.
Winston Churchill’s eloquent warning about the way in which technology has
outpaced our ability to control it retains its relevance. His essay from the
1920’s is in “Thoughts and Adventures”"-A.T.

"Certain it is that while men are gathering knowledge and power with
ever-increasing and measureless speed, their virtues and their wisdom have
not shown any notable improvement as the centuries have rolled.The brain of
the modern man does not differ in essentials from that of the human beings
who fought and loved here millions of years ago. . .Under sufficent stress
-starvation, terror, warlike passion, or even cold intellectual frenzy -
the modern man we know so well will do the most terrible deeds. . .We have
the spectacle of the powers and weapons of man far outstripping the march
of his intelligence; we have the march of his intelligence proceeding far
more rapidly than the development of his nobility. . .
Without an equal growth of Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love, Science herself may
destroy all that makes human life majestic and tolerable. There never was a
time when the inherent virtue of human beings required more strong and
confident expression in daily life."

Thursday, April 17, 2003

okay. . .so I'm a cyber dummie. . .took a while to publish first vacuous post. As it is early gardening season, have had some earthly distractions and still haven't written the next scope but it'll follow ASAP.

In the mean time. . .does anyone recognize the profound irony in the fact that Hammurabi's Code (one of mankind's earliest codes of law) was among the items looted from Baghdad's Iraqi National Museum? If plundering does truly wreck one's luck. . .what does this foreshadow for the "cradle of West Civilization ?". . .

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

first blog. . .stellascopes are somewhat tongue in cheek astrological interpretations of current trends and influences and assorted rants. . .now I'll have to go write one!!!