Friday, April 18, 2003

"i just stumbled across a quotation i used in my autobiographical writing
from ten years ago.
Winston Churchill’s eloquent warning about the way in which technology has
outpaced our ability to control it retains its relevance. His essay from the
1920’s is in “Thoughts and Adventures”"-A.T.

"Certain it is that while men are gathering knowledge and power with
ever-increasing and measureless speed, their virtues and their wisdom have
not shown any notable improvement as the centuries have rolled.The brain of
the modern man does not differ in essentials from that of the human beings
who fought and loved here millions of years ago. . .Under sufficent stress
-starvation, terror, warlike passion, or even cold intellectual frenzy -
the modern man we know so well will do the most terrible deeds. . .We have
the spectacle of the powers and weapons of man far outstripping the march
of his intelligence; we have the march of his intelligence proceeding far
more rapidly than the development of his nobility. . .
Without an equal growth of Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love, Science herself may
destroy all that makes human life majestic and tolerable. There never was a
time when the inherent virtue of human beings required more strong and
confident expression in daily life."

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