Friday, April 18, 2003

Tomorrow. . .as others have pointed out, is the anniversaries of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, more recently the siege of the whacko cult Davidians at Waco, and of the woefully and allegedly retributive bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Despite the ominous nature of these anniversaries, more happily the Moon will trine Jupiter at 10:31 am EDT and it’ll sextile Neptune at 5:59 pm EDT. A harmonious Saturday could actually follow.

The far more foreboding aspect this weekend occurs on Sunday morning at 5:06 am EDT. That would be when the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Although this aspect occurs once a month, it rarely coincides with Easter sunrise services especially after we just happened to have maybe provoked the wrath of most of the Muslim world.

That influence, along with the aspects that follow may create a rather onerous holiday. The Sun will enter Taurus (8:03 am EDT), creating insatiable hunger. Then the Moon will oppose Saturn (1:55 pm EDT), creating unbelievable heartburn. Then the Moon will square Venus (9:02 pm EDT), augmenting sibling rivalries over who Mommie truly loved best. We all know that is a most measurable and resolvable dispute. Finally, the Moon will trine the Sun (11:24 pm EDT) when you will never have been happier to have your head hit the pillow. Sweet dreams. Happy Easter and Pesach.

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