Thursday, May 15, 2003

Okay. Saturn is still squaring my Mercury so I remain a bit tongue-tied and am posting late once again. For some reason all the apostrophies on this post are appearing as question marks. How's that for Merc retro. . .?

To alleviate this rather weighty influence, I lit a stick of Shiva’s Triumph incense. . .in the twilight of the day it’s odiferous, sweet scent sprang forth creating a truly intriguing trail of smoke. At first resembling an incessantly self replicating double helix, which then became housed within a smoky tornado. Then it formed an infinite series of ram’s head, then at last, its trails appeared as if it were a slinky’s shadow. Hmmmmm. Perhaps I should really get a life.

Stellascope # 34

This month’s Full Moon occurs at 11:36 pm EDT on May 15th at 24 degrees of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity. It’s a total lunar eclipse. Eclipses such as these occur twice a year.

Full Moons don’t get heavier than those, which occur, in fixed signs. So take a flying leap into the Ganges or Tigris or Euphrates or Amazon or Mississippi or whatever body of water is most easily accessible and bathe around. Just don’t try the Hudson please. But seriously, ritualistic immersion is a time tried cure all for such oppressive influences and intense polarizations.

Given that the keyword for Taurus is, "I have" and the keyword for Scorpio is, "I desire," indulging in shopoholic behaviours or dumpster diving may satisfy at least momentarily, a cosmically induced rise in the lust quotient. Though I seriously doubt the pending tax cut will even begin to satiate this lust for even a nanosecond for most of us.

Eclipses are traditionally wondrous opportunities for conflict resolution. That would be if and only if, in full accordance with the 1st law of thermal energetics, both parties can cop to mutually shared culpability. This of course is highly improbable with Saturn transiting through the last degrees of Gemini. Saturn has been in Gemini for roughly 2 & 1/2 years. It has had the cumulative result of the dumbing down of the national dialogue. The prevailing lack of intelligence represented by the dualistic trend in what can only be called the collective unconsciousness (i.e. "you’re either with (the administration)or you are a terrorist" sic).

Neptune goes retrograde at 8:50 pm EDT on the 15th as well. The stations of the big outer most planets always create some spaciness but they are great for meditation. Anticipate further foggy representations of the truth from the media and damn it. . . try at least for once to find the G-d within without failing to recognize the G-d within everyone else.

Venus enters Taurus at 6:53 am EDT on May 16th. It that sign, Venus is most happily hedonistic. For best results express gratitude vociferously and create random acts of beauty preferably in legally designated areas.

Mercury thankfully goes direct at 3:33 am EDT on May 20th. Further repercussions of its retrogradation tend to rumble for a while after the station so don’t over schedule yourself or expect immediate clarity of mind, especially during this lunation.

Hopefully after this Saturn square passes, I’ll get my humour back and establish a rhythm of greater frequency to this blog. Till then have a ball.